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The Magic That Is Bon Iver...

Bon Iver, Woods - Live From Radio City Music Hall.

I'm Up In The Woods

     I'm Down On My Mind

          I'm Building A Still

               --To Slow Down The Time

 If you didn't know Bon Iver, you do now.  This is just a taste.  Brilliance.


Mod Custom Phone Cases...

Get your mod on while dressing your smart phone in style!  A recent discovery is the clean, contemporary design work at  Jennifer Stuart Design.   Drawing from a simple and modern color palette, the design work is intriguingly fresh.   And you can easily customize your phone case by adding a monogram.  A customized iPhone, Droid RAZR or Samsung Galaxy case is a great gift idea.  Have a look:

                             (Click to pause, zoom or buy.)


An Oversimplification...

As to "An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty", the trailer is so wonderfully intriguing.   It's a new sort of short film stretched to a 45 minute format.  I'm putting this Terence Nance film on my must see list.


Adidas Ad Campaign Brings Flavor...

Adidas is bringing flavor with their "adidas Originals | unite all Originals" ad campaign.  The video is filled with modern pop culture/creative culture visual and audio references underpinned with a dubstep groove.   And the product offering has a hipster appeal that speaks to a wide swath of the marketplace.  Interesting and very effective marketing.  I dig it.


Call Me Maybe (with classroom instruments)...

This one's sure to put a smile on your face!  How cool is it to see stratospherically gifted musicians like The Roots playing classroom intruments on Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" with Jimmy Fallon?  Digging every moment of this, particularly the group head bob and the big kazoo finish.  Brilliance.


How Your oddFrogg Custom Messenger Bag Gets Made...

We have a ridiculous amount of fun designing one-off, custom messenger bags.  And, how cool is it that after being printed by our all time favorite print-on-demand partner, Zazzle.com, the bags are handmade in the USA by San Francisco based Rickshaw Bagworks!  Hopes are you can dig it.

Here's a sample of some oddFrogg custom messenger bags.  Have a look!

[click to pause, zoom or buy]


Trash Talking Sasquatch...

Word is SASQUATCH (yes, Bigfoot) is talking trash about your Mama.  So...what you gonna do?

The perfect quirky gift idea for your favorite Sasquatch enthusiast.  Choose from a variety of T-Shirt styles including sweatshirts and hoodies.  Gift it!