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A diversion...


I know already...I'm supposed to be finishing the first iteration of our oddFrogg website; however, I do need a break after all and, after taking a few moments (one or two or more) to catch up on my favorite blog, I thought I'd do Lisa a solid by mentioning a cool property that's being offered for sale in Paris.  France.  In the 18th.  You can check it out here!

As regards the website, real progress is being made.  Our eCommerce store has been live for more than a year, but we've had no website.  I'm happy to report that the site will be live by the weekend (y'all don't know how long this has been coming)!  In the meantime, enjoy another Frog(g) haiku.  This one's inspired by our "Frogs Need Love Too" design.  Nonsensical, modern style and just for you!


Froggy Boy Hop Hop Splash

     Froggy Girl Is Sooooo Impressed!

         - Froggy Ribbit Love!


oddFrogg Froggs Need Love Too! Raglan T


Here we go, y'all...

It's Monday, June 22nd.  11:04 p.m., est.

Here we go, y'all.  Hang with us as this blog will evolve over time into something really profound, say from tadpole into full-fledged Frog(g).  For  now, while we build our website  enjoy a weekly oddFrogg haiku...modern style and just for you!

Green, Hopping Love-Frog(g)

      My Lillypad Is For You

          - Tasty Flies Share We!





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