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Cheeky Reindeer Games...


It's a mild December day in Cincinnati.  We've penned a Christmas holiday haiku, lyrically styled and just for you!

  Eighteen Day Countdown

    --  Caribou Are Dreaming Of

          --  Cheeky Reindeer Games...


Our White Rabbit Wristwatch Was Blog Featured...

 As a hard working, creative-inspired little company, it remains a thrill when one of our products is purchased, enjoyed then featured in a blog post, as was the case recently with our Alice (In Wonderland) White Rabbit Wristwatch.  The watch was featured in the inaugural launch of WristWatchRedux.net a fun new blog.  You can read the post here:  "What A Difference A Dial Makes"

Here's the watch in action:

Image ©wristwatchredux.net

We think the watch is an ideal gift idea for Alice fans, available in a variety of watch styles: Have a look!


How Your oddFrogg Custom Messenger Bag Gets Made...

We have a ridiculous amount of fun designing one-off, custom messenger bags.  And, how cool is it that after being printed by our all time favorite print-on-demand partner, Zazzle.com, the bags are handmade in the USA by San Francisco based Rickshaw Bagworks!  Hopes are you can dig it.

Here's a sample of some oddFrogg custom messenger bags.  Have a look!

[click to pause, zoom or buy]


Blogging at 5:33 a.m.

Ok...regarding Justin Timberlake's William Rast line, what I love about it is the youthful sophistication, finely tailored fit and the swagger. Really dig these looks. Quite frankly, all that's missing is an oddFrogg T-shirt or hoodie. Really!

It's a shame JT doesn't know about oddFrogg.



An ode to Albert...


 I should be completing the site's home page but, alas, another diversion presents itself.    I'm winding down with a little Sunday Night Baseball.  (Frogs love baseball, too!)  Here's to an amazing weekend finish; a baseball inspired haiku, fan-based and just for you!

Sunday Night Baseball

    Chi-Town Versus Silver Arch

      - Swing Albert.  Swing, Swing!


Albert Pujols is obviously the best player in the game today.   But y'all know this, right?



A Frog(g) haiku, just for you...


On this wonderful Saturday afternoon, an oddFrogg haiku...lyrical, lovely and just for you!

For Both Moon And Stars

    The Still Pond Is A Mirror

      - One Frog's Leap Cracks It





Sarah Palin - modern woman personified?


Ambitious and self determined--as in Sarah Palin.    Continuing to govern Alaska?   Um, not so much.  Since she's just not digging it anymore, she's decided to change course.  And, as seemingly odd as her decision may appear, you've gotta admire her ambition and self-determination.  This woman is determined to do what's best for her.  She has her own plan in mind and is following that path, to the chagrin of those who would advise and direct (handle) her otherwise.   Is she the personification of the modern woman?

If you're a fan, we've got  the perfect iconic Sarah Palin gift.   Perhaps you'll dig it!

Price:  $13.99   Buy Now!