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Our White Rabbit Wristwatch Was Blog Featured...

 As a hard working, creative-inspired little company, it remains a thrill when one of our products is purchased, enjoyed then featured in a blog post, as was the case recently with our Alice (In Wonderland) White Rabbit Wristwatch.  The watch was featured in the inaugural launch of WristWatchRedux.net a fun new blog.  You can read the post here:  "What A Difference A Dial Makes"

Here's the watch in action:

Image ©wristwatchredux.net

We think the watch is an ideal gift idea for Alice fans, available in a variety of watch styles: Have a look!


oddFrogg Custom Lamps, Y'all...

Introducing oddFrogg Custom Lamps!  We're having a ridiculous amount of fun designing one-off custom lamps.  We've put a sample together below....have a look!

                           You know we make it easy.  Just click to pause, zoom or Buy.


Wallet-Friendly Personalized Gifts At oddFrogg...

                                  We make it easy.  Just click to pause, zoom or Buy.

We've been busy designing new wallet-friendly personalized gifts at oddFrogg.  A bit of mod'ishness joined with some distressed freshness equals fun, custom gifts.  We've thrown up a flash panel for your enjoyment.  If you see something of interest, just click to pause or zoom the image or buy a product.

Our unique mission is to help you get your gifting groove on by designing unique, wallet-friendly custom gifts and apparel.  Hope you can dig that.



Again With Daft Punk...

It's the wee hours.  I'm in a creative state of mind--wide awake and listening to Daft Punk's Alive for the zillionth time.  It's a serious electronic groove that's legendary and goes well beyond hip.  Can you dig it?


The Maker...

Daniel Lanois' "The Maker", brilliantly performed by Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, and Daniel Lanois on guitar.  A stunningly beautiful performance.

"Oh, Oh Deep water
Black, and cold like the night
I stand with arms wide open
I've run a twisted mile
I'm a stranger
in the eyes of the maker

I could not see
for fog in my eyes
I could not feel
for the fear in my life
From across the great divide
In the distance i saw a light
Jean baptiste
walking to me with the maker

My body is bent and broken
by long and dangerous sleep
I can work the fields of abraham
and turn my head away
I'm not a stranger
in the eyes of the maker

Brother john
Have you seen the homeless daughters
standing there
with broken dreams
I have seen the flaming swords
there over east of eden
burning in the eyes of the maker
burning in the eyes of the maker
burning in the eyes of the maker
burning in the eyes of the maker

oh river rise from your sleep...."

                                     --Daniel Lanois


Cool Dads Deserve Cool Father's Day Cards...

As Father's Day approaches, there's still time to get a unique, custom Father's Day Card for Dad.  Choose from a vast variety of cards at Zazzle.com, the largest print-on-demand company.  Shop the marketplace or easily design your own custom card via easy-to-use templates.   Generic Father's day cards are soooo last year!



And How Really Groovy You Were Richie Havens...

Sadness.  Sadness that, given time, the great ones will continue to pass on.  Richie Havens for instance, who died on April 22 at the age of 72.  In another place in time Richie opened Woodstock, yes the first act, in the Summer of 1969 with this song:

Thank you, Richie.