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Modern Holiday Invitations...

Mod inspired and packing coolness, mix it up a bit this holiday season by sending modern holiday invitations.  Choose from the curated selection below.  If  you purchase soon, you can save 50%.  Be sure to Use Code: 60ZCYBERSALE at checkout!

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Cyber Monday starts now!  Go ahead...get your shopping groove on.



Cool Find..."Steel and Feathers" Featuring Nikki Jean Via Live From Daryl's House...

I LOVE the internet(s) for finds like this one.  If you're a fan of Daryl Hall from rock & soul duo Hall & Oates (who isn't?), you'll dig his web series featuring a range of artists at "Live From Darryl's House".  A special gift for fans everywhere.  The following video features Minnesota native indie singer/songwriter and actress Nikki Jean singing "Steel and Feathers", a song originally penned by the iconic Bob Dylan, sung along with Daryl Hall.  In a word:  Fab.    Enjoy.




Mod Inspired iPhone 5 Cases...

If you're intent on dressing your iPhone 5 in mod style, here's a cool collection of iPhone 5 cases designed with you in mind.  Have a look:

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Ponder This Cerebral Humor...In A T-Shirt

If You Start Your Downhill Slide

Whilst Whistling Dixie Past A Graveyard

Could A Genie Still Grant Three Wishes

When All That Glitters Is In Fact

Silver And Not Gold?


 Get the T-Shirt!



A Zombie Haiku T-Shirt...

A Zombie Haiku T-Shirt?  Sure, why not!  You'll stand out amidst the throng in our Zombie inspired horror haiku T-Shirt.  Everyone will want to know where you got it.  Have a look:



Zombies And Their Ghosts

     Sing The Blues Beneath Blood Moons

            --All The Dead Long Day



A Spooky Custom Halloween Party Invitation...

Halloween is just around the corner.  You'll need cool invites for your rocked out annual Halloween Party.  You know, the one your friends look forward to for months.  OddFrogg's got you covered!  Our Spooky Custom Halloween Party Invitation can be effortlessly customized by adding your party details (time, date, place, etc.) to the back at no additional charge.   Zombie themed design features a bit of original horror poetry.  Envelopes inclued with volume discounts available.


3-D Designed And Printed House By Facit Homes. Check It.

A tired phrase perhaps, but the future really is now.  I'm visualizing my modern, minimalist yet warm, eco-friendly 3-D designed home, printed and assembled onsite in the midst of a few acres of land in the country.  Kentucky, of course.